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Coronavirus aka Covid-19
March 12, 2020

In these uncertain times, I wanted to assure everyone that we at TRC PROPERTY MANAGEMENT take this pandemic very seriously and let you know what we are doing to address the situation around novel coronavirus (COVID-19). As this health concern continues to evolve, we are doing everything we can to ensure your safety and the safety of your neighbors and building staff.

As it has always been, the safety and security of our residents and staff remains our highest priority. We take great pride in maintaining the highest standards of cleanliness and hygiene. In response to the coronavirus, we have taken additional measures developed after review of procedures outlined by global and local public health authorities (including the WHO and CDC) to make our cleaning and hygiene protocols even more rigorous:

  • We have increased the frequency of cleaning public areas (including lobbies, elevators, door handles, public bathrooms, etc.) and have continued the use of appropriate disinfectant.

Because public health authorities are recommending that those with the virus or who suspect they have virus, self-quarantine at home, it is likely that there may be residents in the building who may or already have the virus. We ask that those residents make us aware of their condition so that the building staff can take appropriate precautions. We also request that those individuals take additional precautions, such as wearing gloves or using disposable paper towels when touching surfaces in common areas such as the trash room doors. the virus can apparently live several days on surfaces so please take precautions.

Please follow the common sense guidelines that have been issued by the CDC such as covering your coughs and sneezes, avoiding touching your eyes, nose, and mouth and frequent 20 second hand washes.

At TRC, we believe it is in challenging times like these that the power of good neighbors, looking out for each other combined with common sense good hygiene practices will see us through this crisis. We are committed to doing our part and working together we will minimize the disruption this virus is causing.


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