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Labor Day Weekend – Storm Warning
September 2, 2016

As you may know, we are heading into the Holiday Weekend under the cloud of a tropical storm watch this means that we could be facing the possible onset of tropical-storm-force winds, which include sustained wind speeds of 39mph-74mph.

The National Weather Service has also issued a Storm Surge Watch for our local coastal areas until further notice. The combination of strong winds, dangerous storm surge and high tide may cause normally dry areas to be flooded by rising waters moving inland from the shoreline within the next 48 hours.

During a Tropical Storm Watch and a Storm Surge Watch, prepare your home and review your plan for evacuation in case a Hurricane or Tropical Storm Warning is issued. If you lose power and have a disability or access needs, or use Life Sustaining Equipment (LSE) and need immediate assistance, please dial 9-1-1.

Please be sure to “Batten Down the Hatches” by removing items from your back-yards, terraces, and balconies, or securing your property so it does not get blown away by the wind. Such objects can become projectiles that can cause severe damage.


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